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Jul 15, 2022 Int. Project Manager to Support Enterprise Wide Transformation Initiatives Contract
Project Management, ID: 121694 Daily: Negotiable
Job Status: Open
Start Date: Jan 31, 2023 End Date: Jan 30, 2026
Description: Our valued Public Sector Client is seeking a Int. Project Manager to Support Enterprise Wide Transformation Initiatives

The specific work involves providing key support, knowledge, recommendations and strategic planning for senior leadership for new and ever evolving Enterprise Wide business requirements.

  • Developing and maintaining project schedules, documentation and a master schedule of all projects and resources
  • Giving briefings on progress and concerns of project;
  • Coordinating and preparing documentation in response to scheduled and unscheduled reports, returns and observations to update management on project progress;
  • Preparing plans, charts, tables and diagrams to assist in analyzing or displaying problems;
  • Ensuring management staff is provided with timely and accurate project information and status updates;
  • Defining and documenting development team objectives;
Specialization and Skills:
Project Management Project Manager - IT 5 - 7 years
Priority Requirements: Do you possess a post secondary degree? (Must-have)
Do you possess any relevant professional certifications? if so, please list (Must-have)
Please provide 2 examples that describe your experience providing coordination and scheduling for a Transformation or Modernization initiative? (Must-have)
Work Environment: Remote
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