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Nov 15, 2022 Intermediate Finance Analyst to conduct investigation of end of month reporting and assemble spreadsheets, charts and graphs used to illustrate technical reports for a large financial bank -47459 Contract
Finance and Accounting, ID: 125267 Hourly: Negotiable
Job Status: Open
Start Date: ASAP End Date: May 31, 2023
Description: Details

# of positions: 1    
Duration: 18 months
Extension possible: yes
Conversion Possible: yes

Interview Process: 1 round, webex
Work Location (Remote, Hybrid or Both?):   Wellington Street (2 days per week in office, may increase in future)

Always different, 1 of the 4 weeks of the month they will be in reporting mode meeting deadlines (peak period) getting end of month reporting done, rest of month initiation based, investigations from end of month reporting, business partners asking for margins, historical trends of products, adhoc requests like this, not always on the finance side, some business investigations and some tech investigations
  • The main functions of a financial analyst are to gather and analyze financial information; will typically conduct quantitative analyses of information affecting investment programs of public or private institutions.
  • A typical financial analyst is responsible for analyzing and communicating financial information for clients.     
  • Assemble spreadsheets and draw charts and graphs used to illustrate technical reports.  
  • Analyze financial information to produce forecast of business, industry and economic conditions for use in making investment decisions
  • Interpret data affecting investment programs, such as price, yield, stability and future trends in investment risks.     
  • Basic ability to work independently and manage ones time.  
  • Basic ability to analyze business trends and project future revenues and expenses.  
  • Basic knowledge of economic and accounting principles, the financial markets, and reporting of financial data.  
  • Basic knowledge of federal, state, and company policies, procedures and regulations as related to accounting.  
  • Previous experience with computer applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and any other related financial software.     

  • Tableau -2Years
  • SQL server
  • MS Office
  • Local FI experience - 2 Years

DISQUALIFIERS – is there any information/experience on a candidate’s resume that would disqualify them from consideration for this position?

1.) Somebody without financial industry background
Specialization and Skills:
Finance and Accounting FIN - Financial Analyst 5 - 7 years
Priority Requirements: Please describe your experience as a financial analyst using tableau (2 - 4 years)
Please describe your experience w sql server (2 - 4 years)
Work Environment:
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